• Testimonials From Sunderland Glaziers Clients

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    “We called out Sunderland Glaziers when we got locked out and had to break a window to get in. This was a lot cheaper for us than calling in a locksmith. Sunderland Glaziers were very efficient and came in about 40 minutes even though it was late at night. They boarded up the window and made it secure and came the next day to fit new glass. Thanks to the chaps who came out. Very reasonable price for an emergency callout”

    Matt Jones, Sunderland

    “First time we have ever had to call out a glazier. We had a breakage in the roof of our conservatory. We called Sunderland Glaziers and they boarded up the roof so the rain couldn’t get in and measured up for a new double glazing unit and they fitted it the next day. Very good company in an emergency”

    Tim Ice, Monkwearmouth

    “Needed an emergency glazier. Called Sunderland Glaziers and they came within half an hour. Busy restaurant with a smashed front window. They boarded up the shop front and made it secure. Came the next day and fitted glass. Great job.

    John Kear, Southwick

    “ Needed an emergency replacement on the staircase. Sunderland Glaziers came within 45 minutes and boarded up and cleared all old glass away. Had replacement glass the next day and stairs were open for access again. Very pleasant and efficient workforce”

    Tony Perkins, Southwick-on-Wear

    “ Accidently locked myself out. Thought breaking a window would be cheaper than getting a locksmith. Called out Sunderland Glaziersand they did it all for me. Damsel in distress! Very efficient and made window secure for the night and fitted new glass the next day. Thank you!"

    Malcolm White, Pallion

    “ Needed new glass in the door to one of the bars. Not an emergency but needed it fitted pretty quick. Sunderland Glaziers came within the hour. Assessed the job and got on with it. Specialist glass but got it two days later. Good price and kept me informed what was going on”

    Joe Long, City And Borough Of Sunderland

    “ Had the glass in my conservatory done by Sunderland Glaziers and was very pleased with the work done. Prices very competitive. No mess. Did a great job. Well done boys”

    Rosie Elf, Ryhope

    “ Kids broke my front room window. Called Sunderland Glaziers and they cleaned out the frame and made safe. Next day came with replacement glass. Good price. Would recommend”

    Tony Fishe, New Silksworth

    “ We were broken into and we were very distressed when we had to call Sunderland Glaziers. They worked very hard to make everything secure and were very sympathetic. Would recommend their work. Reasonable prices. Great in an emergency”

    Sarah Pack, Silksworth

    “ Needed shop front made safe, broken glass. Called Sunderland Glaziers and they came straight away. Made front safe boarded up and came two days later with replacement. Very good. Good prices.

    Lorraine Dale, Whitburn

    “ We broke a window in our bi-folding doors. Massive pane of glass about 6 feet by 3 foot 6 inches. Called in Sunderland Glaziers. Needed to be boarded up overnight but they took all the measurements and got a replacement for us in about 3 days. Would recommend. Good team of glaziers. Would use again”

    Michael Barnes, East Boldon

    “ Would recommend Sunderland Glaziers. Good team of glaziers came and fitted replacement windows and doors. Excellent price”

    Clifford Ward, Borough Of South Tyneside

    “ Needed to replace a double glazed unit. They measured up and did the job two days later. Would use again. Very prompt and charged price quoted”

    Angela Burgess, Marsden

    “ Called Sunderland Glaziers when kids threw something at the front door and shattered it. Very prompt service. Within the hour. Cleared glass away and boarded up. Good price”

     Dave Archer, Harton