• A roofing lantern is normally a raised glass structure with an aluminium frame, and is set up on a flat roof to permit maximum natural light into a room. They are also called sky lanterns and they can be installed on pitched roofs too. They have always been popular for conservatories or orangeries because they allow the most amount of natural light into the space. A skylight is really similar to a roofing lantern, however is generally a flat pane of glass, like a traditional window but along a flat roofing system surface area.

    Glass roof lanterns and skylights are designed to let natural light flood in from above. They are perfect for producing the feeling of more space and volume to any space.

    Aluminium roof lanterns and skylights need to be strong but because we design them with slim frames, you end up with a sophisticated roofing profile and outstanding thermal performance.

    The benefit to you and your household is more natural light and big view of the sky above without great deals of frames and materials obscuring your view.

    Roof lanterns and skylights are available in many sizes, to fit all different type of roofing systems and homes. They come in different colours to match the roofing system or the decoration of your house. All glass provided is strengthened class with anti sun, solar control and the very best bit, they are self cleaning!

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    Stunning Lantern Window